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Under New Zealand Management

Metres High.

The Jungle Bungy Jump at the X-Centre rises 50 metres above attractive landscaped gardens centred around a lake. 

Lower Price.

Our prices are competitive on an international scale. A beautiful location and high safety standards make the Jungle Bungy Jump a great place to take the leap of faith that you will never forget.


Specifically designed for bungy jumping, The lift-cage provides seating for three adults and a rigid base from which to leap

Tandem Bungy Jump​

Jumping on your own is tremendous fun but if you prefer to share the experience with a friend you can choose to do a tandem jump. As well as doubling the laughter, some people just find it easier to go through the experience of a first jump if they have the support of another.

Watching the Bungy Fun

The bungy is located in a very pleasant garden setting with plenty of seating surrounding the lagoon which allows an excellent view of each bungy jump. Whether alone or in a group its a great place to relax with a drink or two and watch the fun.

165 Feet High

Bungy jump from 165 feet above the lush green scenery of Mae Rim at the Jungle Bungy Jump. Run under New Zealand standards with an excellent safety record, Chiang Mai’s only bungy offers a great opportunity to test your courage and experience the thrill of a lifetime

Bungy for Large Groups

Bungy jumping is an ideal activity for large groups. Cheering or jeering your mates while they contemplate the wisdom of taking the big leap can be almost as much fun as jumping itself! We can accommodate sizeable groups on the day but we do recommend that advance notice is given so we can arrange free transport and any catering if needed. If sufficient people jump then discount can be negotiated.

Only The BRAVE !!!


Get Wet or Stay Dry

If jumping off a platform 165 feet high is not quite exciting enough on its own you can ask the jumpmasters to calibrate so that you are dunked in the lake at the cord's maximum extension. The jumpmasters will always check with you before setting up the jump so fear not. You will not get wet unless you want to.

Bungy Jump Prices

package options :

Package A
Package B
Package C
Package D
One Bungy Jump
Certificate of Courage
Insurance and a Jungle Bungy Jump T-shirt.​
40 digital photos
2nd Bungy Jump FREE (same person)

** Please note that these prices are guaranteed only for customers booking direct with us via the website or by phone on 053-297700 or 08-78336655.

All X-Centre activity prices can be viewed on the Bookings & Prices page.